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01.09.2018, 15:29
[center][color=blue][size=5]GRAND OPENING: 2018/09/02[/size][/color]

[center][color=red][size=12pt]Server rates:[/size][/color]

Xp / Sp - 100x
Aden - 50X
Drop - 25x
Spoil - 25x
Quest Reward - 3x (Not for all)
Quest Drop - 10x (Not for all)
Raidboss Drop - 7x
Rate party XP - 1.3x
Zero our Reward - 2x


Olympiad Starts 18:00
Olympiad Ends: 24:00
Hero Changes: Every Sunday 24:00
Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday
Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes

[color=red][size=12pt]Enchantment Rates:[/size][/color]

Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +16
Max Enchant (Jewelery): +8
Safe Enchant: +4
Simple Scroll: 60%
Blessed Scroll: 65%

[color=red][size=12pt]Additional Information:[/size][/color]

24 Buff Slots + 4 debuff
Buff Time 2 hours
Class Change 1- Free | 2- Free | 3- Free
Free SubClass Change
Fully working RaidBosses/GrandBosses
Noblesse with Caradine letter lvl 65 in GM Shop.
Global Olympiad
Auto Learn Skills
Scheme buffer
Ideally balanced classes (accomplished in Olympiad environment)
Pvp Zones: Antharas, Baium, Valakas, AQ.
Near Frintezza NPC - PVP zone.
Added newest geodata.

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